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Account Manager Plan

If you wish to sell information, membership or access to your site. We can design a stand alone, purpose built site or incorporate a Membership Plan within a site you have running.

For clubs, organizations or any client wishing to incorporate secure member areas.

If you need to.

  • Sell Information
  • Charge for membership
  • Charge for access to certain web site areas.
  • Keep track of Members Real time credit card clearing of members funds.
  • Secure Admin Area

Features we can make available.

  • Integration with e-commerce solution for real time credit card clearance.
  • Members Fees direct to your bank
  • Automated User/Member signup
  • Checks your database to make sure no one else is using the requested: Username, Password, or Email address
  • Administration approval/denial control panel or Instant Approval/Access available, your choice
  • Confirmation e-mails sent out automatically
  • Form fields checked for completion
  • Account Finder for lost Username/Passwords, clients auto e-mailed lost passwords
  • User search by Username, First Name, or Last Name
  • Monitor Private Area logins, automatically delete Usernames/Passwords that are being abused.
  • Administrator sets the maximum number of IP addresses that any one account may log into your private area in any 24 hour period
  • Include multiple account choices for your paying customers
  • Automatic/Manual E-mailed billing/statements of all accounts.
  • At the push of a button, all customer billings are emailed.
  • Automatic membership billing Customer Billing/Statement logs.
  • Keep a detailed record of all charges and payments.
  • Administrator automatically emailed a notice of every delinquent account.
  • You won't have to wonder about who paid and who didn't
  • Mass E-mail all customers/users from an automated form.
  • Keep your customers/users up to date on your daily website changes.
  • Auto Account Expiration. Users automatically sent a courtesy email reminding them that their account will be expiring within (admin defined) number of days.
  • Expired Accounts are moved to a separate database, to keep the main database uncluttered, but keeps the accounts available for future re-joining of members.
  • Username/Passwords of Expired Accounts are also deleted when accounts expire.

From 600 stand alone basic.

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